Music School CDE: solid music teaching + friendly atmosphere

Solid music lessons in a warm atmosphere

CDE is an independent music school in Edegem near Antwerp, founded in 2002. Our students are adults who opt for a practical tuition. We offer beginners a solid foundation and introduction into playing music or acting. Our advanced students can choose a specialized program suited to their ambitions. Whilst providing solid tuition, we urge that our students have fun whilst learning music.

Courses for beginners to advanced

We offer classes in guitar, piano, keyboard, singing, bass, musical and theatre. The music classes focus mainly on popular music. The theatre courses teach musical, contemporary theatre and performance. We offer also a special guitar and piano module for children. All of our residential classes are taughtin Dutch. English speaking students usually encounterlittle or no insuperable difficulty in participating classes, provided they are willing to adapt. If you don't understand Dutch at all, you might opt for our individual lessons instead of class tuition.

Have a question?

Call us at 03 288 12 34 or mail to You can sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already; you´ll receive four times per year practical information about the new courses. You can also find us on Facebook.